“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world..”

— nelson mandela


The Caldwell House's diverse programming is centered around six main types of events described below:


Our Tavern nights are exclusively dedicated to hosting friends and family—providing a space for sharing a meal and partaking in libations. In an age where intangible media seems to govern our social interactions, Caldwell House becomes an opportunity to re-engage in face-to-face leisure. 

Round Table

Echoing Arthur’s Knights, our Round Table events are structured to be shared with our academic peers. Taking the democratic space of a classroom or studio, and translating into a hall with a shared meal, bonds and insights alike are strengthened and developed. 



At the Caldwell House, we are always looking for unique talent, unbridled passion and a commitment to community. As such, during our Feature events, selected artists, activists, academics, scientists and social entrepreneurs will be invited to share their greatest insights with us. 


Currently functioning as the Caldwell House Book Club, our Circle nights are aimed at facilitating dialogue and undisciplined discussions. If you are a bibliophile, make sure to join us!



A contemporary update to the 18th century French movement best characterized as aut delectare aut prodesse (“either to please or to educate"), our Salon follows in the philosophy of Epicurus—to further knowledge and pleasure with an interdisciplinary twist. 


At heart a dinner party, our Soirée events have no prescribed theme or intellectual agenda beyond pure enjoyment of the senses. Hosted in the evenings, we welcome those looking to meet interesting people and have a good time!